Just Like Grandma Used To Make It!

Our Story

Not long ago, the kitchen of each household was a factory that created and insured annual food needs of jam, olives, yoghurt, korish cheese, thyme, shanklish, macadam, pickles and some dried vegetables such as pumpkin, okra and black eggplant. Every mother of the days was a production manager that gave the family a distinctive production in each of every taste of quality, cleanliness and diversity.
All that changed, and those traditional recipes gradually disappeared. We still remember them as an once beautiful dream, and before they are completely forgotten, we brought back the same quality, taste, and variations. The intention is to restore grandparents’ experiences and remind them of the beautiful past.

Today, Emesa Food finds that bringing healthy products that are prepared with the same quality of the good old days, is very easy. Look for the Emesa Food brand and where you find it, we guarantee the quality of the product the brand carries globally.

Emesa Food brings back the exquisite taste of the good old days!

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